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Case Study by ITPrepared

The Client

Based in US, in the New York Metro Area, our client is a fast growing healthcare start-up that offers an alternative to expensive, crowded emergency rooms with long wait times. Having the ambition to lead the fast-growing U.S. urgent care market, our client’s entire business model revolves around their ability to deploy unprecedented geographical growth and to allocate physicians in less than 15 minutes from the pacient’s walk-in moment.

Our Share Mission

ITPrepared has been the main IT support contractor for the client since 2016. Aside from regular monitoring and reactive support, our mission has been to improves the speed of the client’s IT without compromising security and patient experience. For this care study, we will focus on the particular objectives to assist the client in their goal to reduce the time required to set-up and manage a clinic.

Client Challenges

Action point: automate the new serves deployments by reducing the time required to deploy the IT for a new clinic, from 1 business day to 3 hours.

Automate new server set-up deployment

Every time our client sets up a new clinic, IT has to unbox, configure, ship and install a new server for that clinic. Aside from shipping, the biggest variable is the configuration part, witch slows the new clinic set-up by 1 business day. This situation is made worse when the client’s IT team is over-allocated on other tasks. Based on these business goals and facts, our main goal became clear: minimize the human capital required for the operation.
1. Ideal time = Feasible execution time if the user would be 100% allocated just for this task

2. Real time = Real world calculated execution time (human resources get reallocated during Sys Ops time)

Industry Expert

Alexandru Ana

Alexandru Ana

Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer

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