Contact Center Optimization

In-depth technical expertise mixed with a business-conscious approach

Get ahead of the game. The latest digital transformation technologies will enable shaping your ideal virtual customer relationship.

A Visionary Approach

Together with its certified team of solution architects and trainers, ITPrepared will deliver a visionary Contact Center Solution, based on an in-depth technical expertise mixed with a business-conscious approach.

Impactful Initiatives

After establishing a thorough heatmap of your whole Contact Center, we may propose impactful platform transformation initiatives, such as:

  • Human Agent subtitution with powerful Automated Apps.
  • Complete Customer Profile Identification Dashboard.
  • Optimized Navigation Flow through the Call Center.

Improved Call Center Experience to Drive Business Results

We have delivered numerous projects in call center optimization in healtchare, banking and utilities industries across Europe and US.

    Contact Center Optimization

    By applying our Optimization Framework, main tangible recommendations and quick wins were identified and also implemented in cooperation with the customer

    Monitor, Measure and Metrics

    We will make sure your metrics and associated goals are clear and concise, while aligning with your business mission. Ideally, each metric will be brought to publicity ensuring everyone knows why that metric is measured.

    Our Call Center Solution will monitor each metric and make performance accessible to all team members, so goals are transparent and everyone can contribute to reaching milestones

    Industry Expert

    Alexandru Ana

    Alexandru Ana

    Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer

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